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CNC machining

The ideal candidate for CNC machining would be a student who has an interest in a career that challenges the mind while being hands-on every day. It is a rewarding job that allows you to see first-hand what it takes to make a complex product from a basic piece of material. At its core, the CNC machining course utilizes computerized machines and cutting tools like drills to make many of the items we use daily. Even if you have no experience or prior knowledge, the ATDM CNC machining class was developed to ensure student success from any background.

If you already have CNC machining, additive manufacturing, metrology, or welding experience, you would be a great fit to take your manufacturing knowledge a step further. For example, in CNC machining, students learn to use many of the measuring tools that are taught in metrology. In additive manufacturing, students would benefit from having worked with CNC machines since the logic is the same for the additive machines. Finally, from the CNC machining class, students have a basic understanding of metallurgical properties. Students would be able to apply that knowledge to the welding class where metals are fused.


The ideal candidate for the additive manufacturing program would be someone with basic computer skills, basic mechanical aptitude, and the ability to visualize working in 3D space. If you already have additive manufacturing experience, CNC machining would be a great fit to learn about the subtractive side of manufacturing.