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Want a great-paying job in as little as 4 months?

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Does your business need skilled workers in the defense industry?

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Powering America's Workforce

We’re forging the workforce of America’s tomorrow – today – in the Accelerated Training in Defense Manufacturing Program. You could earn the skills for a new career in as little as 4 months at NO COST to the student*.

Graduates will be provided personalized job placement assistance. Most will be offered rewarding careers supporting the defense industrial base.

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Become a Part of the Nation’s Vital DoD Shipbuilding Industry.

A young African-American woman using a 3D printer
A large military ship docked in a port
A student practicing welding
An aircraft carrier loaded with fighter jets in the ocean
Close-up of a man measuring a piece of equipment
A man using a manufacturing machine on a piece of metal
A black submarine breaking the surface of the ocean
A CNC machining instructor showing a student how to use equipment
An African-American man holding welding equipment
Close-up of an additive manufacturing machine
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