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Programs & Faculty

ATDM is focused on training for great paying, in-demand manufacturing jobs in these skilled trades:

With a large network of defense manufacturers seeking these exact skill sets, the opportunity for immediate employment is real.

Program Descriptions

Additive Manufacturing

Close-up image of an additive manufacturing machine

ATDM’s additive manufacturing program is designed to prepare students for the most versatile and rapidly evolving technology in the manufacturing sector. The curriculum is structured to give students the skills they need to enter the defense industrial base as an additive operator with technician-level skill sets. Graduates will understand work in 3D space, interpret blueprints, perform precision measurements, create 3D models and toolpaths, operate 3-axis metal and composite extrusion printers, and understand mechanical behavior and materials properties. Additionally, graduates will have exposure to 3D scanning inspection, reverse engineering, multi-axis machining, and multi-axis deposition through wire arc additive technology.     

ATDM’s additive course is built around prioritizing the skill set needs of the defense industrial base, as every single project aligns with the Department of Defense’s additive manufacturing strategy. Additive part qualification and the documentation procedures that follow are critical for the defense industry and no other training program in the country covers these design rules for additive at this level. Students will benefit from the low student-to-instructor ratio and dynamic, team-based environment. Graduates will leave ready to contribute as a skilled operator and knowledgeable technician on CNC machines and additive equipment. 

CNC Machining

Image of a CNC machining instructor showing a student how to use equipment

ATDM’s CNC machining program is designed to accelerate the skillset needed to obtain employment in the manufacturing sector. Students who enroll will experience the benefits of hands-on training in a diverse setting with a low student-to-instructor ratio over 15 weeks. The curriculum is structured to give students from any background a solid foundation in CNC machining and launch your career in a field that is in very high demand. Upon graduation, students will demonstrate proficiency in the following core competencies: technical math, blueprint reading, precision measuring tool, advanced tooling applications, and CNC lathe/mill operations. ATDM’s CNC machining program is leading the way in fast, relevant training. Take the next step in your future, today!

ATDM’s CNC machining program course stands apart because the entire curriculum was developed with students’ success as a top priority. Our program focuses on the skills that employers are searching for. Additionally, ATDM’s partnership with top defense manufacturing facilities across the United States makes it a differentiator from other training programs. Students will not only benefit from ATDM’s robust training, but they will also receive job placement assistance after graduation.

Metrology / Quality Assurance

Close-up image of a man measuring a piece of equipment

ATDM’s metrology program is designed to deliver industry-appropriate measurement and foundational quality assurance knowledge in an accelerated time frame. This program is for anyone starting their metrology career, with or without any previous manufacturing experience. Those already in the field will also find new learning opportunities, as the lab work explores several different measurement techniques. ATDM aims to reduce the metrology skills gap by producing a well-rounded inspector backed by industry-recognized credentials, including certifications from ASQ, Coordinate Metrology Society, and Mitutoyo.

The curriculum is structured to give students a solid underpinning of metrology skills and habits applicable in any quality environment. The students also receive an abundance of time with ATDM’s world-class instructors, putting to practice measurement theory under expert guidance. The curriculum builds a sturdy foundation that allows even the most novice student a platform to grow and flourish as they move from the basics of bench inspection to coordinate metrology machines. Not only is the curriculum mapped to credentials, but numerous industry survey results were also consulted to allow for the highest possibility of employment.

Graduates will be able to obtain employment with numerous local and national companies in the defense industrial base. Graduates will have the opportunity to make contacts through this program to help further educate and explore employment opportunities. This pathway also allows graduates to distinguish themselves from others in the field.

ATDM’s metrology course stands apart because of the world-class instructors and advanced technology and equipment used to deliver the curriculum. The metrology program is one of only a few like it in the United States. This course also provides opportunities to gain a large amount of knowledge and experience through hands-on practice.

Our program prioritizes building robust foundations in metrology that provide our students a base to develop new skills and knowledge or reinforce existing training. Unlike the pressures of the manufacturing environment, ATDM’s classrooms offer a dedicated learning environment where mistakes can be thoroughly coached upon, promoting positive student growth. Included in the curriculum are several discussions on soft skills, including the utmost importance of integrity for an inspector, empathy for internal and external customers, and other business and manufacturing etiquette topics.

Students will benefit from the years of experience and knowledge of our instructors. The classroom setting and time frame will also promote growth, understanding, and leadership. The advanced equipment and practical applications will also allow the students to jumpstart or accelerate their metrology career with professional memberships and industry-recognized certification opportunities.


Image of a student practicing welding

The ATDM welding program is specifically designed to prepare students for a successful career in the defense industrial base (DIB). The curriculum was created in direct collaboration with industry partners and aligns precisely with the needs of the industry. Our program is designed for participants with little to no previous welding experience. While at ATDM, you will have the opportunity to learn multiple weld processes and positions, blueprint reading and interpretation, and welding safety. You will also have the chance to put those skills to the test as you earn nationally recognized credentials from the American Welding Society (AWS). With over 30 years of combined experience, our instructional staff is prepared and capable to help you be successful.

The best way to succeed at any job is preparation. That is precisely what makes ATDM the premier option for welders looking to enter the DIB. Every activity in the ATDM welding program is designed to prepare you for what you will see day one on the job. Our welding lab is equipped with modern, industry-relevant equipment to help you properly hone your skills. The practice exercises and tests are designed by welders, for welders. During our program you will have the opportunity to gain welding skills with one-on-one attention from our instructional staff. After you have a solid foundation, you will get the chance to put your skills to the test while earning national certifications and participating in an exciting, interdisciplinary ship building project.


CNC Machining

Haas Lathe Operator – Haas Automation
Haas Mill Operator – Haas Automation
NIMS CNC Mill Operator – National Institute of Metal Working Skills
NIMS CNC Lathe Operator – National Institute of Metal Working Skills
NIMS Milling: Programming Setup and Operations Level I – National Institute of Metal Working Skills
NIMS Turning: Programming Setup and Operations Level I – National Institute of Metal Working Skills
OSHA 10 – Summit Training Source

Metrology / Quality Assurance

ASQ Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt – American Society for Quality
ASQ Certified Quality Inspector – American Society for Quality
NIMS Materials and Safety – National Institute of Metal Working Skills
Mitutoyo MCOSMOS C1 & C2 – Mitutoyo America
OSHA 10 – Summit Training Source
Metrologist in Training – Coordinate Metrology Society


2G GMAW-S with backing – American Welding Society
3G GMAW-P with backing – American Welding Society
4G GMAW-S with backing – American Welding Society
2G FCAW with backing – American Welding Society
3G FCAW with backing – American Welding Society
4G FCAW with backing – American Welding Society
2G GTAW with backing – American Welding Society
3G GTAW with backing – American Welding Society
OSHA 10 Construction – Summit Training Source

Additive Manufacturing

This program is still in development. Check back often for more information or email advanced.manufacturing@ialr.org.


The ATDM classrooms are some of — if not the best — in the nation. Outfitted with tens of millions of dollars of cutting-edge equipment, these labs build a foundation which allows a student to step from here to anywhere with ease. At ATDM, there is no standing around waiting for “your turn” on our equipment. Leveraging our extensive inventory, you will have immediate access to equipment throughout your training experience.

Faculty and Staff

With decades of experience, our ATDM instructors have the technical know-how and educational expertise to give you a clear advantage as you enter the workforce. Our low student-to-instructor ratio ensures that you have unparalleled access to our instructors and guarantees you the opportunity to be successful.

Josh Worthley Headshot
Josh Worthley
Metrology Instructor
Justin Owen Headshot
Justin Owen
Machining Instructor
Brian Penny Headshot
Brian Penny
Welding Instructor
James Hubbard Headshot
James Hubbard
Additive Instructor
Timothy Robertson Headshot
Tim Robertson
Technical Program Manager
Jermail Foster Headshot
Jermail Foster
Recruitment Specialist
Karen Hardy Headshot
Karen Hardy
ATDM Program Coordinator