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Where is the ATDM program located?

The ATDM program is located in Danville, Virginia, which is on the Virginia/North Carolina border.

How long is the program?

The ATDM program is 600 hours, approximately four months.

Are there any prerequisites or job experience needed to apply to the program?

This is entry-level training; no prerequisites or job experience is necessary to apply.

Will the ATDM program help me find a job?

The ATDM staff will offer job placement assistance with companies in the defense manufacturing community.

Will I have the opportunity to become certified while attending the ATDM program?

We have nationally recognized credentials for each program area. Every student who enrolls will have the opportunity to apply for certifications.

How much does the ATDM training cost and is there financial support?

Call 434-766-6680, Option 1 for details.

How do I enroll?

Click this link to enroll