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Does your business need skilled workers in the defense industry?

ATDM is a fast-track, intensive, and targeted program for training workers to DIB skill gaps rapidly and at scale. For defense manufacturers, ATDM means that you can upgrade the skillsets of your team or turn novices into accredited team members in less time than you ever imagined. It is also perfect for any company looking to enhance its workforce or looking to upskill their employees in a new field.

ATDM is focused on training for great-paying, in-demand manufacturing jobs in these skilled trades:


Key attributes are: 

  • Rigorous 4-month program providing 600+ hours of training
  • Students drawn from veterans’ programs, transitioning military, industry, and other recruiting pools of “mature learners”
  • Training aligned with national, industry-recognized credentials and certifications
  • Curriculum customized to meet the specific skills and needs of defense industry
  • Student placement aligned with employment opportunities in defense industry

To learn more, call us at (434) 766-6680 or email advanced.manufacturing@ialr.org.